BarTender Cloud Help

BarTender Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS) product that offers click-and-print functionality in a cloud-based setting that makes it easy to manage, select, and print BarTender documents. By using BarTender Cloud, anyone can print BarTender documents remotely, no matter what kind of device, operating system, or internet browser is being used.

By using BarTender Cloud, you can do the following:

  • Browse for BarTender documents and print them with a single click

  • Use preconfigured templates to create new BarTender documents that are stored in BarTender Cloud

  • Search for documents by keyword

  • View documents by large or small icons

  • Group and sort documents to make browsing quicker

  • Use color-coded folder icons to organize your documents

  • Preview BarTender documents before they are printed

Using the BarTender Cloud Help System

The help system is divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started with BarTender Cloud

    Provides an overview to quickly get you started using BarTender Cloud.

  • Using the BarTender Cloud Interface

    Describes the user interface and the various views that you can use to find, print, and manage documents; configure settings; and manage your account.

  • Printing Documents

    Describes how to sort and search for your documents and then print them.

  • Managing Your Documents

    Describes how to upload and organize your documents and folders, how to color-code folder icons, and how to create a document by using a preconfigured template.

  • Configuring BarTender Cloud Settings

    Describes how to configure print settings (such as how BarTender Cloud appears to the print operator and how it behaves before, during, and after a print job is run) and how to replace the default BarTender Cloud branding with your company's branding.

  • Managing Your Account

    Describes how to update user profiles, invite new users, create user groups, and manage user roles.

  • Using the BarTender Cloud REST API

    Describes how to use the BarTender Cloud REST API to access BarTender Cloud so that you can integrate BarTender Cloud activities with your business applications, including automation. The BarTender Cloud REST API is available in the Automation subscription plan.

  • Using BarTender ERP Connectors

    Describes how to use BarTender ERP connectors to integrate BarTender Cloud with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to map your data to your BarTender templates and then print documents from within your ERP.

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