Managing Your Account

As a BarTender Cloud account administrator, you can use the account management features to view and manage information about your BarTender Cloud subscription, including the following:

  • General company information and points of contact

  • Print history and usage data

  • User account settings

  • User groups and roles settings

  • User profile information, including password reset

All BarTender Cloud users can update their profile information and access training resources and technical support.

This information is available by using the property pages in the left navigation pane of the Manage Cloud Account view. To switch to this view, click on the toolbar, and then click Manage Cloud Account.

In This Section

  • Manage Cloud Account View

    Describes the components of the Manage Cloud Account view, which provides access to account-specific information.

  • General

    Depending on your user role, you can use this section to use to view and edit your company information, contact information, and timeout settings.

  • Usage

    Use this section to view account usage information.

  • Print History

    Use this section to view, sort, and filter your print history data from the last seven days.

  • Event Log

    Use this section to view events that are logged to BarTender Cloud.

  • Users

    Use this section to manage your user accounts, add new users, assign roles, change profile images, and reset passwords.

  • Groups

    Use this section to create and manage user groups.

  • Roles

    Use this section to create and manage user roles and to assign permissions to roles.

  • My Profile

    Use this section to edit the information in your own user profile, such as your name and address, contact information, profile image, and so on.

  • BarTender Cloud API

    Depending on your role and subscription type, you can use this section to view your access token or register a web application for use with the BarTender Cloud REST API so that you can automate your printing processes.