Managing Your Documents

Use the features in the Manage Files view to upload new documents and folders and to perform other operations on those items, such as copy, move, rename, search, delete, and so on.

You can also copy a link to a document or folder; change the color of folder icons; assign permissions to documents and folders; and sort items by name, by the date the item was modified, by the user who modified it, or by size.

When you select a document that was created in BarTender Cloud by using a template in the Template Assistant, you can use this view to edit the document, such as by connecting to a database or mapping database fields to template objects.

When you select any BarTender document, you can use this view to open it in the online BarTender Designer so that you can make certain types of edits, such as adding or modifying template objects and configuring page setup settings.

When you have several revisions of a document, you can use this view to access the Revision History page so that you can view, compare, and roll back revisions. You can also add a comment to any revision.

To switch to the Manage Files view, click on the toolbar, and then click Manage Files.

In This Section

  • Manage Files View

    Describes the components of the Manage Files view, which displays your folders and documents and provides features that you can use to manage them.

  • Adding and Deleting Items

    Describes how to upload, download, delete, restore, and view documents and folders in BarTender Cloud, and also describes how to use the BarTender Template Assistant and BarTender Cloud Designer to create and edit documents.

  • Organizing Your Items

    Describes how to move, copy, and rename your items and color-code your folder icons in BarTender Cloud to make them easier to find and manage.

  • Using BarTender Templates

    Describes how to create and print labels without using BarTender Designer by using preconfigured BarTender document templates.

  • Using BarTender Cloud Designer

    Describes how to create a new document or edit an existing document in BarTender Cloud Designer and then print it immediately and/or save it to BarTender Cloud.

  • Managing Document Revisions

    Describes how to use the Revision History page to view and compare the revisions of a selected document, add comments to a revision, and roll back to a previous revision.

  • Granting Access Permissions

    Describes how to use the Permissions for dialog to specify which users and groups can access your documents and folders and which operations they can perform.