Automating BarTender Cloud

You can use the BarTender Cloud REST API to automate many BarTender Cloud processes. By using this API, you can use most types of programming languages, including C#, Java, Perl, or Python, and most integrated development environments (IDEs) to create your automation scripts.

Access to the BarTender Cloud REST API is included with the Automation subscription plan. Automation of BarTender Cloud by using the BarTender Cloud REST API should be performed by programmers who are familiar with REST APIs.


In This Section

  • Authentication

    Describes the two authentication methods that BarTender Cloud supports when you send scripts to the server: using an access token and registering a web application so that it can connect to the BarTender Cloud API endpoints.

  • Automation Examples

    Provides sample code and scripts that demonstrate how to use various programming languages to access BarTender Cloud so that you can automate your printing processes.

  • Available APIs

    Describes the APIs that are available with BarTender Cloud.