Printing Documents

Note:  To print a document, you must be in the Print Console view or the Manage Files view. To switch to one of these views, click on the toolbar, and then click Print Console or Manage Files.

BarTender Cloud provides a browsing method and a search method for locating the BarTender documents that you want to print. You might find it easier to locate your documents by using one method instead of the other, or you might use a combination of the two methods.

For example, if you have a small number of folders and/or documents, you might find it quicker to browse to the appropriate folder in the folder navigation pane and then select the document in the document selection pane. If you have many folders and/or documents, it might be quicker to use the search box, assuming that you know the name of the document that you want to print or the name of the folder that contains the document.

After you locate the BarTender document that you want, click it to start the print job (in the Print Console view) or select it and then click Print on the toolbar (in the Manage Files view). The Print page that opens provides options that include selecting a printer, specifying the number of copies to print, opening the print preview, and canceling or continuing the print job.

ClosedTo print a BarTender document

  1. Use one of the following methods to select the document and then open the Print page: 

    • In the Print Console view, locate the document that you want in the document selection pane, and then click it. The Print page is displayed.

    • In the Manage Files view, locate the document that you want in the item list pane, click to select its check box, and then click Print on the toolbar. The Print page is displayed.

  2. In the Printer list, select the printer that you want.

  3. In the Copies field, enter the number of copies that you want to print.

  4. If your document contains serialized data, enter the number of serial numbers and the number of copies per serial number that you want to print in the Serial Numbers and Copies per Serial Number fields.

  5. Click Print. If the Select Records dialog opens, select the records that you want to print. If data is required for any query prompts or data entry forms, enter that data. The print job runs.

    Alternatively, click Preview, select the records and/or enter the required data, review the items to be printed, and then click Print in the Print Preview dialog. The print job runs.

  6. In the Print dialog, review the print job details, and then click Close to return to the Print page. If you printed to a PDF file, the print job is automatically downloaded.

  7. On the Print page, click Cancel to return to the view that you accessed the Print page from (either the Print Console view or the Manage Files view).

    Note: This step is not required if Automatically return to Document Selection screen after printing has completed is selected on the Printing property page of the Settings view. In that case, you are automatically returned to the Print Console view.

Note: The first time that you use BarTender Cloud to print a document, you are prompted to install the Print Gateway service. This service is required for print jobs to be sent to the printer. For more information, refer to About the Print Gateway Service.


In This Section

  • Print Console View

    Describes the components of the Print Console view, which displays the documents that are available for printing.

  • Print Page

    Use the Print page to make changes to the print job, such as selecting the printer that you want and the number of copies that you want to print, and to preview the print job so that you can verify the items to be printed before you send them to the printer.

  • Print Preview Dialog

    Use this dialog to preview the document as it will appear when it is printed. If the document uses query prompts or data entry forms, those prompts or forms are displayed first so that you can enter the required data.

  • Select Records Dialog

    Use this dialog when you print a document that is connected to a database to search, sort, and filter the available database records and then select the records that you want to print.

  • Supported Fonts

    Describes the Windows fonts, Google Fonts fonts, and Seagull symbol fonts that BarTender Cloud supports.

  • About the Print Gateway Service

    Describes the Print Gateway service, which BarTender Cloud uses to connect to your printers.