CODABLOCK F is a multi-line symbology that contains multiple stacked Code 128 barcodes.

ClosedThe Character Set

CODABLOCK F supports the use of the full 256 character extended-ASCII set with the use of the FNC4 shift character.

ClosedThe Symbology Structure

CODABLOCK F consists of a start character and a stop character, along with multiple rows of Code 128 symbols. Besides the input data, each row additionally contains a subset selector, a row indicator, and a check digit. Rows are separated by a horizontal line. These components allow each row to be read by a Code 128 barcode scanner.

CODABLOCK F barcodes can hold a maximum of 2,725 characters, with each row holding between 4 and 62 characters.

ClosedThe Check Digits

CODABLOCK F contains two modulo 86 check digits, in addition to a check digit on each row of the barcode. Unlike some of the other barcode symbologies, each row of a CODABLOCK barcode must always be printed and read using check digits; there is no option to turn off the check digits. Also, there is no conventional "human" interpretation for the check digit. Therefore, when CODABLOCK F is selected as the symbology for the active field, you will not be able to change the Hide Check Digit option on the Human Readable property page of the Barcode Properties dialog.

ClosedThe Dimensions

There can be 2 to 44 rows in a single CODABLOCK F symbol.