BarTender Document Commands

Required Edition

Automation, Enterprise Automation

/F=<path and file name>

Specifies a BarTender document to load. Conventional DOS file naming conventions are used. Wildcards * and ? are supported for opening multiple documents. You can also have more than one /F= parameter. A default file extension of .BTW is assumed, if none is specified. A full path to the document may need to be specified. For more information on path and file names, see How BarTender Processes Path and File Names.

If you load a BarTender document that is stored in Librarian's repository, BarTender requires that you place quotation marks around the file path and file name. See example below.

/FA=<path and file name>

Similar to the /F= parameter; however, if a BarTender documents has already been loaded by BarTender and any changes happen to it during a print job, BarTender will ask if you would like to save your changes before the new document is loaded.

/AF[=<path and file name>]

/AF alone specifies that all document-relative commands, such as /P and /D, apply to the document that is currently active. /AF=<path and file name> is similar to /F=, but it also specifies that the specified document is now the active document. Use this command if you have more than one /F= command or you used wildcards with an /F= command. (Wildcards cannot be used with /AF= and there can only be one /AF=.)


Closes all open BarTender documents without saving. To close the active document only, use /CLOSE with /AF. To save the open documents prior to closing, use the /S command with /CLOSE.


Forces a save without asking the user.

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